“The first thing YOU look for in an entrepreneur”

One of our investors sent us this doc after our first pitch!

First Think an investor looks for in an entrepreneur

Paraphrase: The first thing you look for in an entrepreneur is a sense of integrity, honesty, openness, and decency. Once you think you have found a decent person, the second thing is: Do they have a clear vision of the marketplace they will serve. You need decent people, however the marketplace comes first; because you can’t change that, but you can change the people!

thx to Pitch Johnson – a lecturer in management at Standord GSB

What say you?

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Lonely posts, an unthinkable punishment in words.

Lonely PostIt’s raining today, extra hard. I’m inspired to write a little, in between everything I should be finishing for our soft launch of[*STARME] next week.

I receive emails with these great posts from Medium. Even though I can’t always get to every one of them, as I become familiar with favorite authors I tend to look for their faces and names when filling my daily dose. I can’t help but wonder what happens to those lonely forgotten posts that miss their fair share of readers. Do they become forgotten posts?

I’m kind of nosy in a sense, I really enjoy learning about the person whom literature I’m reading. I often feel like I want to either side with or against them, making the read more interesting for me. The issue is, it’s often difficult to discover people outside their work masks.

There isn’t always an intimate source of liberated perspective of what the author represents. I enjoy discovering things the author and I have in common, even if it’s as simple as upping our tea consumption to near-unhealthy degrees before sitting down to war, with our words. I mean, if I’m going to include you in my tweets, comments, likes, blogs and whatever else, I need to justify why I’m making the time to share your views and literature with others.

Maybe it doesn’t matter, maybe the only important thing is they meet a quota, fill white space and crank out what needs to be seen to survive. A single vote may not be huge in their eyes or even a big deal to well established writers, but a 1000 votes or 10,000 grocery grazing readers like my self, could be!

My favorite place to uncover quirky likes from online Cronies is the  Tumblr. The place of today’s liberation, where repetitive Cliché can lead to enchanting engagements.

My point, incase you’ve stuck it out this long and are still reading, could be some hardcore reasoning for creating [*STARME]  A friendly and easy way for people to connect, engage and discover others social arrays through multi-channel surfing. A transparent window ‘if you will’ to everything you want them to see when you want them to see it!

-or- maybe just to give those lonely posts a fair shot at being discovered with enchanting allurements of their respective authors social prowess.

either way derives an engaging list of social benefits for yourself and your audiences. Thanks for reading, to utilize the power of transparent social networking through all social channels – join for free, at Str.me


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Entrepreneurship- A love lost or ‘sum’ clarity gained?

Devoting all my being as an entrepreneur is a passion in life rarely described or even portray wisely from words.  The complexity of the relationship demands outcome, fortitude, execution, insight, foresight, passion and will with stringent focus on improved value; but teaches there is no love lost or gained by trial of thoughts only finishes of enhancements from constant manipulation of ones self. My self decisions and survival; are they logical, moral, emotional or more times than not an entwined conviction of everything based on my life experience, knowledge and inspirations?


Entrepreneurship should be easy right? If you have the will to work hard, make a better life for yourself and be a little bossy from time to time, then this is the perfect job; but ask yourself can relationships be measured solely by fact or emotion? How will you decide what it takes to make the right decisions and if you don’t, can you recover from your mistakes. Look at your own current relationships, do your convictions stem from mostly calculated decision-making or emotional ones? Entrepreneurship is a wild beast that forces you to calculate and engage from both emotion and logic, while suppressing conflicting feelings, previous ego and/or stubbornness, so not to cloud the outcome of the task(s) at hand.

You may say to yourself, this is easy I can master it, I win every decision in my relationships which means I’m perfect for this type of responsiblity and decision-making.

Pure Emotion

Relationships in the entrepreneur business can have darker underlying intent and ugly unseen outcomes unknown to even those at the head of the command. You may think you’re winning a battle, because progression is happening which generally leads to monetization, providing a measurable example of success. Right?

What if you pushed to hard to fast just to reach your mark, you may have sabotaged yourself in ongoing stages that demand forever tending and nurturing to survive. I’ll give you an example; our dev team today is not the first or even second team we have comprised over the past 5 years, in fact its number three. Why? because you learn from your decisions, get blind sided by your inexperience and seek affiliation with people you believe can accomplish your visions. This sometimes is not solely composed of rational decision but instead emotionally engaged and later authenticated from calculation.

Be prepared for the long haul. Entrepreneurship is a test of time and your patience. Everyone has ideas, however can you manufacture and articulate them to others that understand the underlying intent? Finding your constituents is a very crucial and even painstakingly piece of the learned entrepreneurial puzzle.

Entrepreneurs are often categorized as being a little strange, impossible at times yet looked up to by those around them, but carrying such a large burden of perfecting logical and emotional outcome, its crushing at times even too much to handle for some.

Entrepreneurs tend to be positive. They are realistic and logical and have mastered empathy in a state as not to seem weak but to portray a nurturing way of understanding in complex problem solving.

Is it safe to say that too much friction within any relationship will end badly. As an entrepreneur you may not always get your way and each relationship has to be nurtured immensely and developed strategically over time with extreme care and attention. If you play it wise and deploy your convictions correctly, with some luck you may just be an entrepreneur after all.


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Even 15 years ago the #Sheraton was killing social intellect.

#sheraton - Str.me blogTalking with a savvy business associate and friend today, who happen to be a former employee of #Sheraton Hotels years ago.

SETTING: Corporate Management Training Event. Arriving at check-in, Each Franchise Manager is informed by the front desk- “The hotel is overbooked and you will have to relocate to a different hotel close by.” Comments rang out from “Do you know who I am” to “I’m the head of the largest Sheraton Hotel Chain in the U.S. etc.” The frustration and pure feeling of helplessness is present as each Manager is taxied over to an affiliate hotel close by. If you haven’t figured it out already, the Hotel was not really overbooked; this real life social training event was designed and integrated to provide Hotel Managers the feeling of being on the other side of the counter, as the role of the consumer.

This is a very powerful and a true story. Hat’s off to the Sheraton Hotels for their foresight and intellect in management training.

Hat's off to you Sheraton for great foresight into customer service


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addiction – Generation text

This KillsNinety percent of Gen Y surveyed worldwide said they check their smartphones for texts, mail and social first thing – even before getting out of bed in the afternoon.

Two out of five Gen Y participants surveyed say they “would feel anxious, even broken,” if they couldn’t have their smartphones.

The survey, conducted by InsightExpress, looks at the habits of 1,800 college students and young professionals aged 18 to 30 across 18 countries.

What do you think? Can you survive a week without your phone?

Infographic: Teenagers and cell phones


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Social networking, “the new data entry of next gen.”

How many hours a day do you spend in front of your computer, addicted to the connection.

Starme social networking, the apps of google search. FastApp

Your daily, weekly and even hourly dedication to keeping up with the noise is becoming a full-time job. Remember your parent(s) or family member(s) complaining constantly about tasks they have to do at work on their computer. Inputting data is now the norm, for tech savvy workers and non tech savvy workers. Some like it, most don’t. Then you have the y-generation who can’t wait to get out of class, off work or just wake up and dive right into their social network.


As your network grows, I mean explodes, where people crave your feed to an insane measure, at what point will your life work and fulfillment turn to burden, elevate anxiety or worse yet feel like a job rather than an adventure?

So whats the solution? KISS – You can’t be everything to everyone, concentrate on your favorite friends and fans while making everyone else wait. It’s okay to make someone earn a presence within your social environment; if they truly appreciate you then they will keep working to be part of your offering.

If you have a solution(s) that can help people balance their social engagements, please share.

Thanks for reading.


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iPhone5 is pandemic

iPhone5 is pandemic

What do you think of your new High 5? I like mine so far. Still stuck to my droid for email and work though.

I’m including a good link to a review that has some great comments and reviews about the new iPhone 5 if anyone is interested.

Happy weekend -Cheers

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