“The 3 “W” in any great Startup, are..?”

I know what your thinking, Work, Work and more Work.. . Not bad however there is a couple other “W” words that also fit into the Startup craze.

If you use to depending on someone else to ‘get you through the work day’ like little Timmy above, then your destiny is heading toward an epic fail!

Work of course was numero uno, when deriving the title “The 3 W in any great Startup, are..?” Hard work to say the least. Do you enjoy eating? Well don’t. Everything, including eating, if inhibits completion in any way, can and will be cut from the line up! I use to eat, like 3 times a day; eating for me anymore = not so much! I have become a huge fan of caffeine, however. In your startup, you basically work for free, so unless you are blessed with an unlimited amount of cash, then every last penny goes into designing, hosting, networking, and staying alive.. .

So define work: “Nerve racking, bad dream deadline panic conception, proposal death pitch never-ending, questioning your own sane origin of intent, work 24/7, socially inept, rigorous testing and babysitting; all of this without a steady paycheck in sight. “WORK”

Everything needs babysitting at a Startup, people, operations, loans, PR, online persona, cool factor, investors (if you lucky enough to get that far), attorneys and most of all, your sanity. Why would I quit my cush job, where I have an assistant, only work 6 to 8 hours in a productive day and get a steady pay check? All these obstacles sound crazy and any sane person would hear startup and run the other way. Call me crazy but the challenge is what drives our software Startup. The opportunity to sit at any table, walk into any board room and be relevant. Never a dull moment, everyday is a tease of finding your niche and problem solving at the core of trending business operations. You are the company, you don’t just represent a small part of an enterprise organization, but instead the future of whats on the horizon, then next big thing, no cut off, not cap, sky’s the limit.

It’s still amazing to me, even after sitting on both sides of the table, that you can take a meeting with a CEO, and he/she will literally sit down and pour their heart and soul out to let you know why their solution is going to change the world. This is one of the perks of a startup, you are important in the system of sustainability. You get to feel sides of companies that no one else will ever know, engage new ideas, offer insight, receive invaluable advice and mentor of your own accord.

The second W; Why?

Why is your Startup worthy of being included in the privilege ecosystem of new emerging technology. What problems do you solve? What is your Value Proposition? What is your ‘Klout‘ score, real life? Your background, your team, your vision and who the hell are you!

Experience has provided two versions of “the Why” I’d like to share. First your why, can be diluted by your determination to simply get in the game. By diluted I mean, you really have no specific plan so your basically delusional and willing to go in kamikazi style.  If you have money to spend, the game of tech has room for another player. This goes against many of the traditional metrics a startup follows. Excess cash is a game changer. You can literally fumble around, miss the mark here and there until you end up in the right place at the right time with the right ideas. Seen it happen, and to say it’s just dumb luck would be an understatement. Being aware of your surroundings, knowing whats trending and who is pulling strings can put you in a very lucrative position.

The other version of course is do your homework. Read all the time, use free resources to gain knowledge on how to register a business, acquire a business bank account, receive grants from the state you are incorporated in, hire a good law firm, find a team of other suckers with that twinkle of illusion in their eyes that don’t mind trading a few years of their life for the unknown and finally pray, pray every day that your hard work and determination will pay off and the system of checks and balances is still working in your favor. Investors are willing to hear your pitch, attorneys are willing to make personal introductions to potential JV partners (angels) or big investment groups (VC’s), etc. And hey, if this doesn’t work, you can always go back to your old job, just much poorer then when you left but with a ton more resources, street smarts and patience in how the real word of cut throat business practices mysteriously keeps on going.

The final W of the day, Waiting!

Yep, waiting is one of the most challenging pieces of the pie. An inconsistent plan of events in an uncertain world. The not knowing is a killer. You may need professional help after a few years at your startup, especially if things get sideways and fall completely to shit. It seems like your always waiting; waiting for money, completion of key ingredients, death and every other agonising thing you can think of that could push you over the edge at any given moment. I almost want to rename the illusions involved in a Starup to Waitup. ie: ‘So bob what are you into?’ “Oh, I’m involved in a Waitup, so basically I’m fun’employed, you know just waiting.. .” Patience is a virtue, and some friendly advice I can offer, even with all the waiting, the experience is priceless, people’s reaction to you, when you tell them about your startup; it’s alluring, you say startup and the gavel comes out, people want to hear what you’ve got. The fine tuning of your ‘Pitch’ and being able to sit at any table in any city in the world and contribute intelligently. Yep that’s a Startup, because really what do you have to lose, cause you don’t really have anything yet! The wonders of the business world. Fake it till you make it, and when you make it, fake sick so you can stay home from work and play.

Best of luck to you and your emerging Startup. If you have any feedback for us, at *Starme, and our value prop- “Seamlessly connect socially at time of realization” from any device to any network, thus enabling the end-user to define their intent and reach their goal quickly. Please leave a comment and/or connect with us at *Starme (by visiting any search browser and entering *starme) to communicate with us within your desired social channel.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

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