Every great internet ‘thing’ is a marketplace..’you’ are the idea of liquidity!

Unlike the butterfly, your aura continues to change, evolve and grow as you mature and explore new interests. Staying relevant and illuminating yourself in a relatable fashion, clarifies who you are every step of the way.

Every great Internet thing is a marketplace. Central to marketplaces is the pursuit of liquidity.

Liquidity is the reasonable expectation of selling something you list or finding what you’re looking for (source).

So isn’t every great internet thing, really you? Think about it, a great idea is a collaboration of thoughts, usually formulated by communication, influence, research and social contact. To bounce ideas off of one another, consciously or subconsciously, its continuous and inevitable. ie: How would you know if a great internet thing was great, if unless it were for those people telling you so. If you go by Facebook standards, then this is spot on. You are “that great internet thing” in the marketplace and you are the liquidity.

I think it goes without saying, that in todays social world of streaming emotion, ideals and esteem you are always promoting yourself. Regardless if your actually selling a perceived product or service; your always on display for promotion, weather you want it or not.

With this in mind, let’s make sure you always looking your best, and it’s easy for you to do so. Get your unique *name and deliver The Face of your Social World. Let yourself shine through the eyes of everyone.

Special thx to @ev tweet for the hook..


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Get your very onw FastApp and *name. The Face of your Social World Online! It's Free, enjoy.
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