A social dreamers paradise, more friends then you can recall..

How many friends / followers do you have? Has it ever been a challenge or even an addiction to see how many you can amass? Does the head count of online friends and followers determine your Klout, among your friends and affiliates?

I mean let’s be honest, how many times have you decided to follow or accept someone based on their current ‘social net.’ You know, if someone on twitter follows you and they have a billion followers then your hesitation is excused and you solemnly hit the follow tab. So how do the newbie’s build up their social net? If people are not as eclectic of ‘new friends’ as in the past, and becoming more selective today, is there still a chance for new social users to catch the wave, or is there slim to no chance this late in the game?

More friends than you can ever manage, but the hunger game and excitement of new culture, intent and social networking is infectious. The thought that, if you didn’t – you could miss something great, something unfound or something unrealized.  Social networking often demands you give as much as you’re getting, or fear the unthinkable, an unfriending affair.

Manage flow and intent easily with your *name application; easily communicate and share all your current events while staying connected. Add interesting activity to your daily environment that’s exciting and keeps the conversation going. Try it today, it’s free.

I wanna be your online friend…

Do you ever just accept someone based on their profile pic? This is the allure of good showcasing, the shiny object in the window. I mean lets face it, if the person presents themself well, chances are they have something interesting to offer, after all they have taken the time to express themselves in a creative and interesting way. Beauty lies is in the eye of the beholder, different people like different things but everyone is drawn to interesting content. Present yourself in a unique way by delivering relevant and interesting stuff. You can create your own FastApp in minutes, it’s so easy, no IT experience required. Promote yourself, we make it easy to promote interesting content with your own FastApp.

Here’s some interesting facts to review about current online social trends and the importance of managing your information efficiently.

Facebook, on an Average Day:

  • 15% of Facebook users update their own status.
  • 22% comment on another’s post or status.
  • 20% comment on another user’s photos.
  • 26% “Like” another user’s content.
  • 10% send another user a private message.

Ages 18-34 have, on average over 300 friends.

Characteristics of Facebook Users

 Facebook users are more trusting than others. A Facebook user who uses the site multiple times per day is 43% more likely than other internet users and more than three times as likely as non-internet users to feel that most people can be trusted.
Facebook users have more close relationships. Someone who uses Facebook several times per day averages 9% more close, core ties in their overall social network compared with other internet users.
Facebook users are much more politically engaged. Compared with other internet users, and users of other social networking platforms, a Facebook user who uses the site multiple times per day is an additional two and half times more likely to attend a political rally or meeting, 57% more likely to persuade someone on their vote, and 43% more likely to have said they would vote.
 Facebook users get more social support. A Facebook user who uses the site multiple times per day receives more emotional support and companionship offline (such as having someone help you when you are sick in bed.) Ohhh that’s sweet!

Social networking users, including Facebook users, are becoming more active about pruning and managing their accounts. Women and younger users tend to ‘unfriend’ more than others.

Dilemma; the unfriending, unfollowing and axing of past acquaintances. Social networking information is a collection of people’s thoughts and opinion on trending and historical events. So how do you decide who to unfriend? Are you afraid you may miss a good point, comment or snip of info that drew you to accept or friend ‘that person’ originally or do you just cut and snip until you can actually remember all your ‘friends’ unique personas? The more friends the better, but managing them and giving equal time and consideration is challenging. We hope to make it easy, try Starme now and discover how much more efficient your events, promotions and social networking will become.



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