A missed opportunity, a new friend lost or something undiscovered.

A missed opportunity, a new friend lost or something undiscovered. What do all these have in common? They happen to all of us at sometime or another.


In the past, most definitely due to lack of resources. Today however, with advancements in technology, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t connect. The key is having the correct formula for sustainability. Social networking makes people accessible, however how can you easily reach them online and in the real word; or better yet how can they easily reach you? Starme’

Have you ever read a blog, had something important to say, possibly even a solution to a problem that was highlighted but you held back for what ever reason; either because you couldn’t express your full point of view accurately without offending someone, causing a world of conflict or simply because you just didn’t know where to send someone for clear engagement. What if you displayed your tumblr link, but they don’t have tumblr, or you put your twitter handle @starme_ but they don’t subscribe to tweets..? The problem then becomes, (a disconnect) how do you efficiently redirect readers to your point of view, an online engagement or even a more through interpretation of you, where people can interact. Of course you could include a hyperlink, which can leave readers confused by your intent. How can a reader really engage with you if they don’t have a good idea of who you are. Your views make more sense, based on you as a whole, not just one blog you wrote or image you linked to. Even more frustrating is when someone ‘likes’ your comment, opinion or view within a network or blog, but it doesn’t enable you to engage further with them, reconnect or communicate.

Offer your audience more.  With your unique *name, you now have control with a very powerful and dynamic digital signature. Viewers interpret your unique *name as an easy and quick way to reach you, a symbol that’s non offending, for continued interaction, current events and different channels to socialize through. They see more of you, whatever you want them to see that is relevant today; your daily social grind. Who knows these organic seekers may potentially become a fan or friend of your social environment. Your *name is simply a fast and friendly way for people to specifically connect and learn about you currently- The Face of your Social World!

We bleed social interaction;

At Starme, our goal is to connect the world. Enable everyone to efficiently communicate with anyone. An easy to create, deploy and manage ‘Fast’ application. Your promotion will make sense, at time of discovery or immediately when people discover you. Even if your *name is in a post from a year ago or even 5 years ago, your audience will reach your most current information and engage easily.  We designed FastApp for everyone. It’s composed of a series of unique premade templates for you to customize and build on. Add Photos, Videos, Social networks, important information, etc. We built the application to be social not static; which means once you customize your FastApp with photos, videos and relevant information, it keeps the conversation going. Starme software takes into account popular social networking platforms and integrates your daily activity to further enhance the end users experience (your audience) wether it be friends, followers and/or potential business associates.

To ‘drive home’ the depiction of a unique application, we added a very specific and creative way for people to reach and connect with you instantly without all the noise of traditional search and uncover; Your *name. Which is in harmonious sync with your FastApp. Each *name you secure comes with its very own FastApp automatically. All your FastApps are hosted within the same dashboard, making it increasingly simple to keep track of interaction as your network grows.

To get started choose a unique *name you like (and hope it’s not already in use) promote an event, showcase unique parts of you, or enable people to easily reach out.  Your *name remains a piece of you for as long as you want. It’s easy to edit, change your interface and/or update at any time. Display new, different or unique information instantly. Connect all your social networks within one FastApp or compose different FastApp’s for key groups, campaigns or promotions.

Thanks for reading!

Get started today, and try something new and fun. *Starme

It’s free, enjoy!


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Get your very onw FastApp and *name. The Face of your Social World Online! It's Free, enjoy.
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