I want customers… Google says..Ok, infusing mobile, checkins,reviews and social for brick and mortar

Big changes for businesses and consumers who use the internet to find local establishments. Google is importing Google Places into Google + Local.

What does this mean for my business?

More accurate and authentic reviews in real-time.

If you have not yet moved your ‘Google places’ business info over, to Google Local, visit Google Local to sign up for G+ and be part of promoting locally with mobile.

So this is great, I understand how google works, the more reviews, intent and interaction I receive the better chance I have of being one of the top businesses showcased within a mobile search when consumers search locally.

So here goes the dilemma. People are visiting your business, they love your business and want to provide their valuable feedback, as long as it does not disrupt their primary activity. Most customers are excited to share your business with friends and follower out of  the kindness of their heart; “That a Plus” right! We think so.

Google gives customers the ability to check in when they’re at your place. Good, great a step in the right direction. Customers sometimes forget though. So how can you remind them to give credit when credit is due? A friendly incentive always helps. Everyone likes incentives.

With your FastApp from Str.me and unique *name your customers can connect with your business f..a..s..t, anytime anywhere! No distractions, tedious search and uncover or errors. Customers easily ‘Like’ your business, Plus 1, Pin their fav ‘dish pic’, engage and even snap shots of their favorite items from their mobile devices and share to your unique business FastApp mobile web interface, for a new social interactive dynamic. All this social activity interaction, provided by you the business with your unique FastApp will only help your chances in relevant and realtime connections from major search results.

Not only great for search results but also for continued customer satisfaction. If there is a suggestion to help make your spot better, your customers can easily express whats on their mind, and your management team can review and react accordingly, in real-time!

Your very own App, how amazing, customers can access your business before they arrive, from any device, apple, android, PC, windows, etc to see whats ‘hot’ (no pun intended, coffee shops/soup kitchens/bakery) or after they have left to leave a well thought up review and sincere share, after basking in their recent experience. This is important, because if customers are hurried through their engagement (check-in, comment, review) their reviews and/or satisfaction may suffer. Abandonment rate skyrockets and becomes a negative impact factor if customers are left feeling frustrated.

What else?

Your FastApp enables you to create your own Qpons. These are up to the minute deals, which you can literally change within a minute or two from your Str.me dashboard.

Why would I want to do this? Isn’t one Qpon good enough for my business, like every week or once a month. That’s an executive call on your behalf and on the behalf of your business. However, if you ‘update’ your *name/FastApp more frequently (which is very very simple) then Google Local/G+ is watching, calculating and promoting your local business with additional ‘Social’ interaction implicated from your FastApp, which ultimately helps deliver your brand and business in front, of customers and competitive business listings.

We designed your FastApp so you can create dynamic and fast micro campaigns, promotions, events and offer social Qponing for real-time social search and Organic SEO promotions. Which simply means you get Free traffic to your business without having to pay for it. We say free, we mean free, your FastApp and unique *name is free, google search and page rank is free, so when we say Organic SEO, we mean free ‘Organic’ search engine optimization. Remember, with Google’s new social metrics being introduced into their search algorithm for more relevant results, your business should have a fast and simple way to promote up to the minute specials, which your running anyway, but most likely just not listing on the net.

Get credit for everything  your business does inside and out. Str.me is a transparent window of opportunity, it enables your business to promote in real-time and customers to engage through a channel in which they prefer, at time of realization and even after the fact when it’s most convenient for them.

Your SEO for local and real-time increases;

Str.me provides many strategic calculations, behind the scenes, making sure your products and services promoted within your FastApp(s) are indexed correctly for local and national search, giving you an advantage in social search, social networking and network marketing.

We have made it easy for you to create and manage your seamless mobile web application. Create one or multiple FastApp’s quickly and easily, add you personal information, photos, social network pages, your logo, a video, etc.. . Offer your customers a better way to connect, share and stay informed.  Increase loyalty to your brand and business practices. Loyal customers can quickly access your FastApp from any device by inputting your unique *name, which will connect them to real-time information specifically about your business.

Your FastApp can be edited and will update in real-time, so your audience will see exactly what you want them to, when you want them to. Don’t let a great opportunity, idea, event or promotion pass your business by because you don’t have the most dynamic and easy to use mobile web application on this planet. You input your existing online info, and Str.me does the rest. Delivering amazing content, real-time information and engagement to your audience.

With FastApp, you will create specific campaigns quickly, change promotions as much or as little as needed and accumulate important social data to help define your target market and run your business more efficiently. Your Str.me dashboard enables you to review up to the minute important trends about how your customers and business activity. How customers access your business and from where, where they go when they are reviewing all your unique FastApp customized data and their habits inside your application. Why are these kind of metrics necessary?  They enable you to easily reconnect, promote, incentivize, cross sell and up sell specifically. Give customers what they like, real-time information that is tailored to their likes and habits. Str.me



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