When do kids learn that “blue is for boys” and “pink is for girls”?

original article from H. Post

Leslie Heister joined the conversation to discuss a recent blog post she wrote about hating pink. Though her daughter is only 11 months old, and not particular about toy purchases s yet, Heister has trouble finding baby clothing that isn’t pink. Keri Wilmot, who has an almost-3-year-old boy, shared Leslie’s frustrations. Beyond apparel, Wilmot said that she finds all toy “kitchen items” are pink and girly as well, which is unrealistic.

Many toy makers are unapologetic about their choices to divide toys by gender, Rice explained. Their rationale tends to be that if girls show a greater interest in pink sparkly things, they’re going to continue making princess gear and targeting a female audience with it. But, she added, it is certainly OK for boys to select those toys and for girls to opt for “rough and tough” products. “Let kids be who they want to be,” she said.

I have never seen a child stop to say, I’m not going to play with this toy,  it’s… color. Kids love to play, the color of anything is irrelevant. The biggest inhibitor is what they hear from influential people around them. Give a kid a break, let them have fun and be kids.

And for all you boys out there, ‘Pink is Gangster’ if you didn’t know, now you know! And for the girls, they are amazing with every color. The more color the better, variety is a key fundamental for self-expression. Color offers an array of variety, so lets all put on a little more color and shine.


Summer fun days with lots of COLOR…



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