What’s left for ‘right brain’ in tech

So you know the old right brain kind of thinking vs left, right?

In general, schools tend to favor left-brain modes of thinking, while downplaying the right-brain ones. So will your ivy league education survive and prosper in the future of technology and Y generation conformity? Is it possible to be the next billionaire social flame tech icon following these modes of thinking?

Please let me think of something that no one else has!

I met with a group of talented individuals last night, by chance at a coffee shop on University in Palo Alto. One at Oracle, one at Yahoo and the other didn’t say. They asked me if I would take a ‘survey’ about their new tech idea. Little did they know I was tech’d up too. At first the intent was to gain feedback, then toward the end it changed to helping them acquire funding and solidifying their idea as a valid business application for the masses.

The outlook was, build what already works/exists and tweak the user interface; people will use it, right? Total left brain; using logics, analysis and accuracy. In which they were seeking aesthetics, feeling and creativity, hence the surveying.

Is logic, analysis and accuracy important in running a successful tech company. Absolutely! But in creating a successful startup you need something that people actually want, but just don’t know yet. You need outside the box type thinking, when people’s first impression is, you want to do what..; that’s crazy it will never fly. Then by the end of the encounter they realize “but I really do like that *name idea..” No joke. When I push CEO’s a glimpse of what *Starme is about, they are complexed, mainly unconscious, then the light comes on, intrigued by possibility.

It’s the same type of thinking, for most, does your idea make good business sense, point-blank! I asked the group that was surveying me, “How do you plan to monetize this app?” (Only because that’s the first thing everyone else asked me in the beginning) They didn’t have any idea, they just knew that other app’s, similar were doing well and customers were using. One of them said,  “How are those companies doing it, we’ll do the same”. I replied, I don’t know, those other companies are not my company.

I tend to enjoy D. Karp outlook for Tumblr, I hired someone to handle the business side of things while I focus on the creativity. The business side will always exist; how many injections can we deliver to make this thing produce rev. But the creativity side must deliver a stickiness that keeps people engaged long enough to make sense of the business logistics.

Can you continuously build the same technology over and over again, using this style of thinking; well it worked for them, it will work for us? This may land you in some hot water with investors come time of realization. But hay, if technology has tought us anything over the past 10 plus years, being unique can deliver great success and enable you to stand on your own, delivering various creativity without parallel.

What side of the brain do you follow? Share for deeper engagement with the audience.



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