Social Networking is feeding the Hunger Game of consumption.

Is the creation of mind-blowing technology addicting? It must be cause it doesn’t pay much!

Mobile applications have a central place in the wireless industry but despite their pivotal role, most developers who create these apps find it very difficult to succeed in this business and even harder to make money at it.

Go slow. Assume you really don’t understand what you need. Experiment test and define your plans first.

Wow, this sounds kinda like a new relationship!

Like new relationships, you learn from previous ones. You can’t cheat the facts.

Evans Data Corp. released findings from its latest survey of global developers. The company revealed that a majority of application developers do so on a part-time basis while they earn their primary incomes in other ways.

The firm found that among developers who create apps specifically for distribution via app stores, a little over one-fourth (26%) are full-time mobile app professionals who derive most of their income from their apps. The largest group (41%) is made up of moonlighters who have professional, full-time jobs as software developers and create their apps in their spare time. Another 22 percent are serious “hobbyists” who do not develop software in their regular jobs but do have technical backgrounds and the skills to create mobile apps in their free time. The rest (11%) are students and recent graduates who are also developing apps in their spare time.

So what continues to be the driving force for emerging app creations. The unique occurrence that your app is the one, the billion dollar lady? Don’t hold your breath, cause a lot of hard work, consumer adoption and marketing is ahead.

At times it simply just doesn’t make sense. Spend you free time building a product that you will provide for free. Remember trending data shows users expect updates, new functionality and continued admin interaction or your new app may be facing abandonment.

A mere 26 percent of all applications are used only one time after installation, before becoming a waste of space. Source: Localytics.

Valuable research data like this, provided key value prop, for design, development and user intent of turnkey application ‘FastApp’. *Starme provides everyone with a cool and simple app. Yep, it’s so easy. Pick a unique *name for your FastApp (people can reach you direct) and start using right now. What do you have to lose? Nothing! is free and will give you and your brand the ability to sample the mobile commerce/social market in real-time.

Test what works and what doesn’t before you decide where to inject additional resources, marketing dollars and creativity. FastApp’s work with all computing devices, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, PC’s,  and it’s turnkey. (which means you don’t need to check to see what it looks like on every operation system alive) Your instantly deploying seamless mobile web; collecting, measuring and learning about how your audience interacts.

If you’re an app dev, part-time or full and have idea’s of how the platform for can provide additional benefits to mobile web users, please contact us, as we will be hiring and structuring the application to support third-party development.

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