U.S. consumers are hungry and devouring social media connection at record pace.

New research from google suggests;

mass media consumption across different devices

U.S. Consumers are devouring digital content across a combination of channels by combining their 1.)phones, 2.)tablets, 3.)desktops and 4.)Tv’s to do so. The real power of these new media gadgets is how they are being used together- for seamless access consumption; 90% of all media consumption, or 4.4 hours per day, is happening across all four (which doesn’t leave much room for paper-based books and publications; or radio).

I came across this tweet from William Shatner “The PriceLine Guy” :See Screen Cap:

“Talk Radio is a lost art.” What drives Radio and any media type business model? Efficiently connecting people to relevant content they want. Why? So advertising mediums can reach and inform you of relevant promotions.

Consumers support and drive the market by social engagement. Regardless of what the market is, campaign or promotion. When you reach your target market and offer something reasearch proves spikes interest, you will prosper.

Consumers crave a new speed of connection; to get whatever they want whenever they want it! The increasing utilization of process management practices affects an organizational response to major technological change. Why? because once a well operation system is in place, it becomes increasing difficult to manipulate, tweak and attach new utility methods. Can the blame of static business practices utilized today, fall on some of the early promoters. There is a reason why one of the largest online companies in the world calls it ‘Search’ because that’s what you’re going to be doing most of the time when trying to get what you want, searching for it!

The research concludes that a majority of online social tasks were initiated on a smartphone while being continued to other devices — perhaps a larger screen has something to do with it.

In any event deliver your audience the best mobile experience possible and let them connect to your extended social environment however they like. With Starme powering your everyday social engagements you deliver a powerful mobile web interface for people to use right now. Deliver your intent and compelling social Face to users. Everything you could possibly need; Amazing display, precise metrics, easy retargeting tools, lead gen done right and you will never have to worry about how your information looks, because we make sure ‘it’s showing up’ beautifully everywhere.

Don’t let your social world suffer due to lack of knowing what’s available for you to utilize. Start connecting your audience to what they want! Starme (FastApp creation, with no IT skills required for efficient and fun engaging promotions) This will be the difference between success and being left behind searching.



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