Does your Website ‘text’ , my fans are screaming Perfect 10

Hold Up!

Perfect 10


Does your website understand mobile? Of course it can’t text, unless you have a modem capable of running a T-Mobile SIM-Card and some UK compatible ‘out of the box’ software ‘rigged’ up to your in-house servers.. . Which, most likely you won’t because it crashes a lot, doesn’t send SMS photo messages consistently and is just a beast to monitor.

The concept of developing the most robust and amazing application on the planet (*Starme social application) wasn’t just born from a wonderful dream that atomically hit one time in the middle of the night, however important pieces were forged from like-minded events. Third-party software, hardware and brain-power had to be purchased and then after months of testing, aimless integrations and beating our brains out with analysis testing, finally came up with an amazing seamless mobile-web overall experience. It was important for us to develop a system that could scale globally, is effortlessly applicable, easily customizable and instantly deployable.

Offering consumers a fast way to instantly connect to you through any social channel, regardless of the type of device they’re using; Smartphone, iPad, Tablet, PC, Desktop, etc. The *starme application recognize, recalculate and delivers beautifully.

Yay, so this is exactly what we achieved.

In addition to its spectacular user experience, we kept in mind simplicity for the creator. You and your audience want to connect efficiently, avoiding the methodology of tedious search and uncover. So we designed the admin controls ‘dashboard’ around intent. Intent begins with your promotions and delivers the audience at time of realization for a deeper more thorough engagement. This new type of methodology effortlessly delivers fast, friendly and seamless interaction for a richer overall experience.

Intent Unleashed:

Lets say you are interested in a new running shoe. A current promotion gives you a good idea of the brand or specific item you like.

The Intent of the promotion (or business offering) is to provide you the means to satisfy you needs.

But what if your Intent is to do something other that what the ad suggests? Possibly purchase the shoe for someone other than yourself. This is going to require some due diligence on your behalf. You need a smart connect right to the offering where intent starts, however you then need to solidify your intent. Engage in provided; as well as unseen social options; Is the shoe available for different sex and age groups? I’m interested in reviews, (don’t make me search) which one of our friends has it (social) Whats their FB page look like and who do I know that has ‘liked’ it. Once satisfied a consumption can be made to acquire the product or service, which satisfy your immediate intent; find the perfect gift for your significant other. In addition you decide to extend you intent by posting a satisfied user experience within your social stream. Easy to do, in the past- not as easy as you may think; Now- very easy. *Starme accounted for layers of intent. The platform keeps it simple, enabling your audience to keep the conversation going through social responsible engagements. Plus it feels good and looks super cool while maintaining professional integrity.

Don’t force your audience to search and uncover for further interaction, aimlessly searching piece by piece, until they fill all their means of intent. Display current and relevant information about you and your brand. Starme is the Face of your Social World. First impressions count, don’t let your audience get lost in the vast pool of competition search overload.

It’s free, enjoy!



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  1. Thanks for the useful information. As for now, internet promotion has become very huge. So, the system that scale globally is very important.

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