An addiction, followed by tiny heart attacks when you don’t know what just happened.

You know that feeling when you send a text, but to the wrong person, mini heart attacks like crazy. Yea it’s kinda like that, when your missing whats up with your friends and current gossip from around the web. “The last one to the musical truck gets whatever flavor epsicle‘s left.”

Trending information travels fast, to avoid missing out or only catching the tail end of something good, connect fast to your friends and followers by using their *name to get the latest buzz from every social channel.

Why is it important to see everything, from everywhere?

Your friends sift through different channels for who’s dropping the best stuff, then engage, chatter and reblog depending on where the conversation is happening. View the conversation where it matters and stay connected.

Knowing what’s going on as soon as possible is becoming an addiction. If you’re freestyling within different social networks- keeping it fresh, then you know the work that goes into delivering a unique and reliable social presence. Get credit for being there first, cross promote to fans on different networks by linking everything you’re into in one easy to find place. You’re unique *name provides a fast and friendly way for your audience to engage, comment and share you content. Now people only need to remember one name to be part of everything you want them to be.

*Starme is designed to deliver all your current information from one easy and friendly place. It enables your audience to go viral with important things they need to share and push into their own networks. You can *name friends, affiliates or anyone that interest you to find out what’s up right now. Check out their daily social, easily share posts you like across multiple social networks, leave comments and explore new stuff.

Set up your own *name now and provide your fans and followers the easiest way in the world to reach you. All your current promotions and social buzz at one unique address, you’re *name. You will see increased sentiment from your social clones when they can link to your online world from the social environments they like and use the most.

And remember, effort over priority. If it requires little effort, it becomes first priority. Your *name provides options, effortless sharing and an amazing looking social Face for all your online followers. Keep it simple, make it effortless for people to reach you.



About strme

Get your very onw FastApp and *name. The Face of your Social World Online! It's Free, enjoy.
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