It’s a sign, next time you see a Mickey D’s smile one time for me!

As I race to arrive on time yesterday, out of no where a smile enters my thoughts.

You guessed it. The thought of a quick hot meal, in a time constraint has become the natural occurrence these days. Literally speeding my butt off down the freeway, it’s dark, haven’t eaten since early and from a far, The Golden Arches.  A tussle at first, but ultimately my stomach wins.

Drive-Thru Window;

Looking me right smack in the face!

I mean, bravo! A badge of honor! (employees work hard)

These days, every social network boosts images of people’s favorite lunch. Snap a pic and share. Mostly so your friends that haven’t arrived yet, loathe with jealousy. I see, on average, 10 photos a day on social sharing site tumblr, alone, with Americas favorite fast food joints and people sharing what’s for lunch. So is real-time feedback and communication with your loyal audience important? “Do pigs turn pink when you make kissy sounds at them!”

Examples of random food share:


The War of the Cheese..

New technique

$1 special

Leave it to Mc Donalds to lead the way in customer service. Catch up on your Mc Donald’s history here.

Feedback is crucial in today’s high-tech social environment. Customers; people supporting your day-to-day business, require immediate satisfaction and must feel capable of doing so from the least path of resistance. Give people what they want, an easy way to connect, engage and share.

Mc Donalds knows customers- real-time feedback and communication *Starme

*Starme- Businesses choose a unique *name like the one from the image above (MCD8) which can be assigned to a specific store, promotion or campaign. Track and record real-time feedback efficiently. By adding the [*star‘ name] to your Unique promotions or customer service campaigns, end users are able to immediately connect from any search browser, engage and share.

Why is this important?

Increased real-time customer feedback and decreased abandonment rate; uncovering important user metrics for best ROI.  Additional benefits like pre made templates, enabling businesses to easily select one that best fits their unique promotion and *name. Starme user interface offers an easy “fill in the blank” style template to create coupons and custom promotional offers. No IT experience is needed. So simple, with a suite of new and dynamic mobile tools you can enhance daily business practices and decrease expenditures, while offering a seamless mobile-web experience.

Go Digital with it.

In the photo above you will see a coupon on the outside of my Mc Donald’s bag. Expensive for print and display, I would imagine; not to mention coordinating the promotional cycle with the print and bag manufacturer companies. Instead of costly promotions, become a smart digital medium, providing a deeper understanding of who your customers are; when, where and what triggers them to engage and participate. Now retarget efficiently for increased market share and customer satisfaction. Plus edit any of your promotional campaigns immediately. What you see is what they see, right away with zero lag time.

So the next time you see the Golden Arches, Smile one time for me, because immediately after getting my fix, I re-entered the freeway and came across a very stealth Police cruiser that most definitely would have given me a hefty ticket, had I not stopped for a quickie. “Golden Arches (1) – Popo (0)”

Yours Truly;



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