A transparent *Point to social.

Jack Dorsey Co-founder of Twitter and founder and CEO of Square envisions sharing real-time world thought from the convenience of your pocket!

You have to focus on the whole, the buyer, seller and the in between, says Jack Dorsey in an interview with Kara Swisher- All things D, when describing Square. “I want something that’s really clean, I want to not worry about any of that conceptual debris (receipts, traditional hand to card accountability) I just want to use this!”

That is exactly what every business today wants. Less debris, and a simplistic yet powerful seamless mobile web social tool that their fans and followers can use to connect, engage and share easily from any device, Smartphone, iPad, Tablet, PC, Laptop, etc.

“Thats all product is, a story we’re telling the world” Jack Dorsey

He goes on to share stories of his past; it is important for my mom to see what I  have accomplished, to actually use it, says Jack. That’s what makes Jack great in my mind, he knows that if his mom can use the product, give feedback and relate to it then he has created an exceptional user friendly application for anyone.  As brilliant as Jack is at writing code, he continues to excel at seeing application as a whole, from multiple sides of consumption.

The internet is growing and with it so is mobile, with over 700 new apps debuting in the iStore alone, every day. People demand a simple and friendly way to connect, share and reach their destinations at time of realization.

Starme is an amazingly powerful yet user friendly example of next generation technology and connectivity. The realization and need for simple curation and usability as well as the measurable engagement in between.  A transparent *Point to social, Starme connects you to what you want when you want it. Cut through the haze of online search and be delivered, quickly.

Starme does it, perhaps better than any other to date;

“You need the data to run a successful business” Jack Dorsey. Engage efficiently with your audience, capture, measure and retarget with analytics from dynamic campaign promotions using your unique *names that are specific to only you and your business brand. Why is this different? Creating easy to use, edit and manage micro FastApp campaigns with your unique *names, enables specific measuring and efficient retargeting within a single application for best ROI.

Emotion, empathy and engaging applications;

“The Particular challenge that square has is it’s a financial company, it’s dealing with people’s money; people are very emotional about their money” Jack Dorsey. When people assume ownership of an application it becomes an extension of who they are, something they like, share and support. Their emotion toward an application will deliver amazing foresight about the product and help unveil new and engaging future development.

“The benefit of both “Twitter and Square” is it really spread, word of mouth. People discover the services for themselves, they just fall in love with it” Jack Dorsey. The wonder of the internet and social sharing. I enjoyed this interview with Jack and wanted to share some of the key points throughout, as it reminds new and developing companies to take notice of what works and where the future of technology is going.

Jack Dorsey – #Twitter “The entire conversable world in your pocket!”

Get your unique *name today and provide the world everything you want them have, easily.



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