Everybody’s using, net addiction and your my pusher.

It’s become crystal clear, your methods of seduction involve labeling me a user!

At Disrupt SF; how do you make money, “we have users!”

Technology – The new Pusher of addiction. Mobile-web a phenomenon, increasingly infections with every touch!

We no longer count sheep, but tweets before we sleep! Y Gen is consuming mobile web at record pace. It’s all about having so many choices, right smack in front of you.

It’s embedded in their psychology, growing up with this new-born addiction. So much so that some call it a third hand and second brain. Among other implications, they get bored more easily and are attracted to higher levels of stimulation than older generations. And they’re highly attuned to visual symbols [KISS]—be it their own appearance or through association. As consumers this means that they want faster product turnover and require more personally relevant and high impact messaging and promotions.

They are as much consumers as they are explorers, with high expectations. Unlike other generations, they’re also eager to engage. They’re more likely than older generations to want to design their own products, get involved with messaging through their own networks, rate products and advise companies. It’s a huge opportunity for marketers to create more relevant products and more interactive marketing platforms. It’s about realtime interaction. Does your business push real-time mobile interaction for this huge generation of users? Companies that don’t will learn the hard way that Gen Y also uses technology to go around existing hierarchies.

*Starme – Connect to what you want when you want it, in real-time!


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