Every word is infectious with ‘viralability’

Do you meet new people?

It seems with coffee houses on every corner, finding people to talk with is becoming easier than in the past. Everyone is now a ‘social butterfly’ of some kind. The challenge lies in how to communicate with a potential new friend or fan without crowding their social boundaries.

You could ask someone to connect on Facebook, and even if they like you, this could cause their blood pressure to increase and social shock to occur, in which you have just crossed the invisible line of social comfortability. Some people are very protective of their social connections and prefer a social ‘buffer’ when initially connecting; while others want to get down to business, instantly.

So whats the solution? How can I keep the conversation going without crowding their social space. Simple! Give them your unique *name for direct access to you, in real-time.

Giving people an easy and exciting way to reach you in which they feel most comfortable is a great start. It’s amazing what you can learn about a person based on the connection they choose to keep in touch with you. Only offering someone a single channel of connectivity when trying to strengthen your relationship can be a mistake. If someone does not prefer the channel you’ve provided for further engagement it could be a major turnoff for them. People prefer to connect where they feel most comfortable. Forcing a new friend or fan to engage where they do not feel comfortable leads to abandonment and most likely a wasted encounter.

So be prepared for anything! At Starme we’ve created an elegant and simple place to promote whatever you want for every scenario. You can include which ever lines of communication you prefer, social networks, phone, email, etc; within one simple and easy  method of communication.

How can I reach you? *Starme

Now when you connect with someone, simply offer them your Unique *name. Your *name is fully customizable and delivers new potential friends and/or clients to a well-organized and seamless mobile Web environment where they can connect in ways that compliments them. In a word, you’ve become easy to re-engage with, lending a viral ability aspect to your social environments.

Starme’s easy to use and engaging interface will give you insight about how people in your life are accessing your information. You can offer channels of communication in which you feel comfortable connecting from, and see what others use to engage. Data is captured non obtrusively from within your Starme application and gives you easy to see and quantifiable metrics about fans and their interactions with you and your brand.

Create different *name’s for different scenarios, friends and/or clients. Keep your information easily organized while multitasking across several social channels. Define your target market or just find out which one of your social networks your friends and fans are most interested in. Now you will know where to dedicate your valuable time and resources based on user engagements.

Get started today, it’s fast, simple and free for everyone. No IT skills required. Get your Unique *name before someone else, and start connecting instantly to the people and things you want.




About strme

Get your very onw FastApp and *name. The Face of your Social World Online! It's Free, enjoy.
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