Enough molehills is all you need to make a mountain.

There are at least 200 solid work days in a year. Do something each day and by the end of the year you’ve built a mountain.

What is starme and how can it help?

Starme is a free mobile and web friendly application for everyone that puts the control of micro campaigns and dynamic daily marketing promotions back in the hands of the creator, in a BIG way.

Who knows your business better than you? probably no one. So in creating this new and user-friendly application for people everywhere on the web and using mobile devices. Starme has opened up a fresh and fun way for you to get those important little somethings accomplished each and everyday. It’s easy to use, promote, manage and instantly deploy a fully operation and powerful website, mobile website and unique quick connect Vanity *Name feature, using your ‘Star’ *name.

Here is a great example.

Today, compelling photos can prompt your audience to engage. But sharing photos across many different social interfaces is a task. Starme offers fast and easy to customize ‘Pre Made’ templates, that will enable you to create a deeper engagement with your audience, share photos across different networks and encourage your followers to engage automatically.

What’s this mean for you? Less work, more success from your daily grind.

You won’t need an IT or computer savvy team to update your starme application. It’s very easy and user-friendly. You can quickly see who is interested in your promotions, thank them with an email and offer them additional products, services and information that is relevant. Engaging with your audience with relevant information will keep the conversation going and encourage them to share with their friends and followers.

Why is this good for you and your brand? Word of mouth marketing can produce viral sensations of social interaction.

Most of us are now using some type of mobile device that is sporting a high res over the top camera. Starme has designed unique features that enable you to reach a larger audience when sharing to instagram and similar applications.  Choose a unique *name, customize your landing page look and feel in minutes and sync your existing activity from applications like instagram, twitter, blog, etc to provide your daily activities across all channels of your social world.

This is key because; now people can find you, quickly without vigorously searching through miss leading and non relevant distractions online, before they finally get what they want.

Your interaction throughout the day now will count for something amazing. Your audience reaction to you and your brand will be delivered in real-time as it’s happening in a well-organized and cool looking mobile web social environment. Your daily molehills will soon turn into a mountain of interested people craving more.

Grow your brand and look good doing it!



About strme

Get your very onw FastApp and *name. The Face of your Social World Online! It's Free, enjoy.
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