Mom, why do you want to be my friend on facebook?

..OMG my mom just friend tapped me on facebook. Instant panic. Why does she want to be friends on facebook, I already see her every day.

Wouldn’t it be nice if facebook introduced a guest pass for parents? You know like the kind you get from your local fitness club or whatever. This way you can accept their friend request, but put them on a pass. Kind of a trial period to see how it works out. 🙂

I mean really, parents have your best interest in mind when they try to connect. Lets look at things from a their perspective and not the looming parental watchdog approach we’ve become accustom to.

I’m a parent, on facebook with ‘my friends’ and all of a sudden Mark sends me an email, do you know ‘Kayle’ with a picture of you. ‘A screen cap – of the look on your moms face when she see’s your profile photo, Priceless.’ The apple of her eye. Her sweet little girl, who she carried in her tummy for 9 months. ‘Darn right I know Kayle, that’s my kid!’ <FB; “Go ahead add her as a friend “> <Kayle’s mom; ‘Well, ok.’>

The point; a parents instinctual desire to love you, protect you and interact with you on a regular basis induces the friend tap.

An article from the Washington Post– “Not only are they friending (or attempting to friend) their sons and daughters, they’re friending their sons’ and daughters’ friends.”

To all the parents out there, friending your own kid on facebook is one thing, but friending one of your kids friends, sooo not cool!

So next time one of your peeps wants to be friends on facebook, remember you should have done a better job disguising yourself in your profile pic. lol, just kidding, try looking at it in a new way, what if your parents were on facebook and never friended you at all..? That may be even weirder.



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