The new kid on the block, handling everything from A-Z

Yep you guessed it, I’m talking about Amazon. More specifically their App Market.

Amazon gaining speed in the App world. We are already using Amazon for cloud computing and are pleased with everything they are offering as a large online retail and services outlet. You can’t ignore a company that saves you money each month and helps your business model run more efficiently as a startup while leaving the road wide open for scalable growth.

Now developers can provide in-app purchasing for their apps. Something I could have used 2 years ago when developing apps. What I really think was a good move for Amazon is being able to save your gaming progress to the cloud, regardless of the device your using, even if it’s a new device, not previously used. It’s seems like Amazon may be to gaming what apple is to music. With the introduction of their new tablet and soon (possibly a Smartphone) Amazon is shaping up to be a major contender against G-Play and The App Store.

What Amazon already does really well is take payments, online. They also have a massive shipping history, delivering goods all over the planet. Another playful social feature Amazon offers enables users to share achievements and keep track of who’s leading in game stats.

Amazon rarely discounts apps, so could this become a unique place for users to come for premiere style developer apps, a new social niche for superior apps if you will. With Amazon’s database of user transaction and browsing history, they may be able to promote value specific to loyal users at which point the price becomes less important as the unique placement and/or suggestion of an app someone most likely will get, and wouldn’t have known existed otherwise- or something techie like that.

With online and mobile people today and their social influence, you just never know where your next burst of users will reside. GetApp ‘Template’ within Starme is designed for developers to promote and share all their current applications, regardless of the host. Engage your audience efficiently while gathering feedback, constructive criticism and new ideas for external social growth. Consumers can now connect with you after download, keep updated and participate with your next big hit and other friendly apps your promoting from your trusted circle of developer friends.  Become a resource for your audience by giving them additional conversations to engage in and keep the conversation going about your brand and affiliate developments.


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