Here a Kid, there a Kid, everywhere an iOS enabled Kid..

Ask a kid, any kid on this planet what gifts they want this holiday season, they’ll say if it doesn’t have an i in it – it’s probably not for me. – iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or iPad mini.

Among kids 6 to 12, a whopping 48% said they wanted an iPad this holiday season, with the Nintendo Wii coming in a close second. Your kids see you everyday staring into your hand held, either for work after hours or social time in-between. Imagine their POV. Mom, Dad – too busy to play with me now, because they’re on their stupidphone! Now when my son sees me on my smartphone his first response is “who are you playing dad” meaning which one of my friends am I winning! I’ve included him in my games, telling him stories about each friend I’m playing, so he understands the importance of winning, bragging rights and stuff.., lol.

Just this morning, my son and his mom were playing Sorry, the board game. His mom says ‘He wants to play you, he’s gunna beat you.’  I looked at the board game, then at my son and said, you wanna play our new iPad game Catapult King. I mean the image says it all. The amazing animation, us bonding and the laughs we have playing the iPad is far more memorable than any board game and most important, more frequent.


I find my self wandering off sometimes in the middle of the day to get in a few matches of ‘words with friends.’ I have always loved playing scrabble, however I could never get anyone to play, and now I have endless opponents ready to play at the drop of a dime – If anyone wants to play ‘Words with Friends’ my Handle on my droid is FBIwifiVan and my iPhone is *Strme

I couldn’t imagine being in school all day, knowing that my phone was waiting for me in my backpack. That would be torture. I asked my daughter last night if she can type her papers in class or if she has to write everything out. She said “no typing dad, we write everything.” Wow, how lame I thought to my self. I mean I realize kids need to learn how to write, to be able to sign their name once in a while on paper and stuff, but writing everything out longhand is inefficient today.

We use docusign and esign these days for most of our real estate investments, which use to be the larger and most frequent ‘signing’ done on a monthly basis. but now it’s all digital. Paper was invented by the chinese, and to see paper start to fade and digital take over, I wonder who will get the credit for the invention of digital. Is it Steven Sasson or more relevant Steve Jobs? Think about it and WOW us with your thoughts below in the comment section.

Words with Friends is helping my son to learn how to read and spell. I often have him move the tiles to the correct placement within the game and push the PLAY button, then submit. He feels included and learns and remember key words for future play. Sorry, doesn’t do that now does it.

So when your children asks for something gadgety this holiday season, keep in mind it’s not just the trending alternative to traditional gifts, but a world of fun and games providing awesome adventures through new technology. After making an expensive purchase for one of these popular devices, you’ll realize your return on investment far outweighs the initial price shock.

Play games with your kids, then when the battery needs charging, take them outside to play, ride bikes and enjoy the outdoors. Everything in moderation!

Happy Holidays to all.



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