Square makes CASH take a back seat, as KING!

It’s that time of the year again, holiday parties, too much food and the lottery! Huh?

Yep the lottery. You know the office pool, where everyone chips in some cash to buy a slew of lotto tickets, then if you win, everyone gets to tell the boss to go.. !

Earlier today; it’s time to collect the cash when all of a sudden a few people say, “I don’t have any cash right now, but put me down for.. .” This is a cash a carry babe no credit accepted. Then the poor me stories begin, “I haven’t had a chance to go to the ATM” “My bank is closed the day before Thanksgiving” etc.. .

One guy breaks out his phone, plugs in Square and is taking payments for Cash fronts immediately. I mean this is how technology is winning at every turn. You’re carrying around  highly sophisticated computing devices and the more practical third-party integration becomes the more often our inconveniences will fade away.

So wish me luck, unless of course your playing too, then it’s every great ticket holder for themselves. lol

Happy Holidays from Str.me



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