“Do Epic Shit” -with Microsoft’s new Bing Fund.

While attending Techiepalooza last week at ASU Technology Center ‘Skysong’ in Scottsdale, AZ i had the pleasure of watching Rahul Sood of Microsoft’s new Bing Fund hard at work. Catch him at @Rahulsood or Rs@bing.com

“Do Epic Shit”

If the words on his Surface kickstand don’t say it all, then I’m here to kick in a little extra. Rahul is pretty cool, down to earth, friendly and intelligent. He talked about his previous companies and challenges he faced before the viral ability of social media was even a factor. He’s laid back yet speaks with a strong presence and was very easy to vibe with.

If you have an early stage startup, I would encourage you to submit to BingFund – Not sure if Rahul gets to see every submission, however if your idea sticks chances are you’ll get to meet with him and you’ll be glad you did.

Tips; Please don’t send a huge drawn out business plan, The Bing Fund Team prefers a 1 to 3 page Exec summary with style and energy. Hot topics are obviously Mobile, Gaming and Applications that can prosper from using Microsoft’s API’s and vast resources. So what are you waiting for, put these guys to work and send them your epic ideas!

From the unspoken words of a successful entrepreneur himself – “Do Epic Shit”

[EPIC] – in modern terms, epic is often extended to other art forms, such as novelsplaysfilms,musicepic theatrevideo games, and television shows[1] where the story is centered on heroic characters, and the action takes place on a grand scale; as well as a sense of impressive struggles and other efforts of great scope and size over long periods of time.

Thanks for your time and patience Rahul.



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