You lost control – Invisible editing, transparent information flow, blind search results…

The filter bubble!

Here is a great video about what you see and don’t see on the web and the amount of control you’ve lost already. TED-ideas worth spreading.

Watch Video Now! Click image to start…

Invisible flow of information, thinned down stream of information and YOU!

As your internet feeds thins for personalization, connecting you to what you want at time of realization or when you decide you want it becomes challenging!

Your online search and information feeds are personalized or filtered to keep you caged. Unleash the beast!

Connect to what you see, what you want when you want it. Share stories, images and everything that’s important to you that can benefit your friends, followers and co-workers.

Don’t get stuck inside a bubble, only sharing aggregated stories, get to the source, connect fast and be exciting!  Cut through the Haze of online search and simply connect. Visit to get started customizing your FastApp’s and be in full control of what your audiences sees each and every time.



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