Mobile at first, can confuse the shit out of you!

Just because you have a mobile enabled landing page to link consumers to, doesn’t mean they’re getting a rich and fulfilling experience. What if.., your landing page doesn’t express your core business brand and just leaves people confused as shit, leading to abandonment all together?

Click on any ad or a link from a blog or within an app and chances are if you’re using a Smartphone you’ll be redirected to a mobile enabled landing page with some generic looking tabs that if clicked take you to some generic text and so on and so forth. Sometimes you can’t even get to the company website if you wanted to and there is no additional social network information or contact info. No Bueno!

Consumers don’t always know as much about your brand as you do. So when you deliver them to your mobile UI make sure there is enough information to leave a lasting impression that delivers a decent representation of your entire business brand.

Very generic looking mobile pages are cost-effective or inexpensive usually. The problem is they may be costing you more hard work, advertising dollars and prolonged adoption rate of promoted products and services.

Strme software enables you to easily and quickly create FastApp’s for your business brand, promotions, products and services. You’re in control. Create a dynamic and user-friendly FastApp for each individual promotion or your entire offering. Customize your FastApp’s quickly, no IT skills required. Capture important user metrics to help prove your ROI and define your Target Market.

*Strme FastApp’s deliver amazing User Interface designs with fun and easy to share functionality for your next generation mobile-web audiences. Don’t leave potential customers guessing what your brand is. Give them so much more! Join today and start using the best HTML5 mobile web applications available. Keep your brand ahead of the curve. is free for everyone. Enjoy!



About strme

Get your very onw FastApp and *name. The Face of your Social World Online! It's Free, enjoy.
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