IBM’s Black Friday Report says twitter delivered 0 percent of referral traffic and Facebook sent just 0.68 percent.

What’s your return on investment? What’s bounce rate of your current promotion(s)? Do you know what type of computing devices consumers are using to access your mobile-web content (iOS, OS MOS..)? Can you differentiate between customers and products they like from your huge consumer contact lists, for retargeting purposes?

Create micro marketing campaigns quickly, customize easily, deploy instantly and measure effectively to gather fortifiable metrics about how your audience is accessing your current promotions.

IBM’s Black Friday Report for 2012 suggests that some social platforms are underperforming for ROI and/or marketing dollars.

Know your industry. Define your target market. Shrink excess spending and strengthen your business ROI.

Downstream purchasing; ie- conversion should be easy for consumers to execute and efficient for businesses to capture. With the explosion of mobile purchasing/commerce up 221% this Thanksgiving holiday, consumers are sending a clear message; it’s convenient to purchase from handhelds and their going to do a lot more of it. Give your customers a simple, easy to remember mobile-web interface that they can engage, review, execute and share easily.

*Strme makes it easy! Every FastApp is transparent within the mobile web. This means you can promote products  / services / information or whatever you like and your audience will be able to access instantly. Your FastApp’s deliver a specifically customized user interface for your relevant promotion(s). Metrics collected from your specific promotions are nicely organized and display within your dashboard to conveniently inform you of campaign performances. Are consumers buying, bouncing and/or sharing your ideas and branded materials. Join today at – it’s free, enjoy!



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