Social media spreads like sliced bread – Hold the chedda!

Yeah I’m talk’n  Chedda (Cheddar)- moolah, dinero, benjamins, cash, money!

$Can Social media drive more sales? What we’re experiencing today is an increase in social commerce where both social media and social sales work together seamlessly to provide companies with key ‘captured’ metrics for better ROI and increase target market definition. Does this equal more ‘dough’ for your brand?

For a number of reasons consumers are becoming more comfortable with social and purchasing behaviors moving closer together, as social technologies work their way into our daily lives as addictive substance rather than living predominantly within social networks themselves. This isn’t necessarily commerce as we know it though. Its more of a utility, an app for this an app for that; the amazing potential for social commerce and the transformation of traditional purchasing is enthralling for businesses.

As consumers become more aware of social purchasing, companies need to understand the impact of what their customers are doing. What is an end users intent? Are they ready to buy or are they becoming familiar with your offering(s)? It’s not just about having a presence on Twitter or Facebook, but dynamically using the social on ramp of viral ability to change the overall purchasing process while capturing key information more efficiently.

Yea, but does social media make us money; drive sales and/or is it worth the energy and potential upside from organic SEO and free enterprise? It’s not that black and white, there’s a gray area driving social media and business connections that provides verticals and the means for businesses to connect with potential customers and re-connect with current customers.

Other benefits of social media besides just the sale are customers value cycle; such as advocacy, referral, or even awareness. These aspects set up a new social ecosystem for seamless purchasing at time of realization via social media.  While advertisers want every moment to be connected to a sale, many organizations know that it could be a “series of moments” that lead to a sale and potentially new loyal customers.

So is social media doing it’s part in awareness, promotion, consistency and worthiness for your business brand? Lets hear your thoughts and ideas about social media and social sales and if your business is making it or faking it.



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