Why call when you can say a thousand things at once!

Call me maybe - Text me babe!

I just Text, IM, Like, Tweet, RT, Favs, Plus+1, Reblog, igram.., no need for calls? With new apps like Strum Snapchat and others it seems like your phone has turned a def ear to calls.

A photo is worth a thousand words, plus chat, video and share ability. Plus resisting the urge to ‘social media‘ is tougher than resisting sleep or sex. So the real question is; is calling someone on the phone considered social media today or is that so old school?

A study done by Harvard University Research labeled “Disclosing information about the self is intrinsically rewarding”- Self-disclosure spurs the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with rewarding feelings.

So now whenever your mom or teacher says “what the Jesus H Chr.. are you doing with that phone.” Reply: “Ohh nothin much jus jamn on some feel good self disclosure.




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