Social networking, “the new data entry of next gen.”

How many hours a day do you spend in front of your computer, addicted to the connection.

Starme social networking, the apps of google search. FastApp

Your daily, weekly and even hourly dedication to keeping up with the noise is becoming a full-time job. Remember your parent(s) or family member(s) complaining constantly about tasks they have to do at work on their computer. Inputting data is now the norm, for tech savvy workers and non tech savvy workers. Some like it, most don’t. Then you have the y-generation who can’t wait to get out of class, off work or just wake up and dive right into their social network.


As your network grows, I mean explodes, where people crave your feed to an insane measure, at what point will your life work and fulfillment turn to burden, elevate anxiety or worse yet feel like a job rather than an adventure?

So whats the solution? KISS – You can’t be everything to everyone, concentrate on your favorite friends and fans while making everyone else wait. It’s okay to make someone earn a presence within your social environment; if they truly appreciate you then they will keep working to be part of your offering.

If you have a solution(s) that can help people balance their social engagements, please share.

Thanks for reading.



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