Even 15 years ago the #Sheraton was killing social intellect.

#sheraton - Str.me blogTalking with a savvy business associate and friend today, who happen to be a former employee of #Sheraton Hotels years ago.

SETTING: Corporate Management Training Event. Arriving at check-in, Each Franchise Manager is informed by the front desk- “The hotel is overbooked and you will have to relocate to a different hotel close by.” Comments rang out from “Do you know who I am” to “I’m the head of the largest Sheraton Hotel Chain in the U.S. etc.” The frustration and pure feeling of helplessness is present as each Manager is taxied over to an affiliate hotel close by. If you haven’t figured it out already, the Hotel was not really overbooked; this real life social training event was designed and integrated to provide Hotel Managers the feeling of being on the other side of the counter, as the role of the consumer.

This is a very powerful and a true story. Hat’s off to the Sheraton Hotels for their foresight and intellect in management training.

Hat's off to you Sheraton for great foresight into customer service



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