Lonely posts, an unthinkable punishment in words.

Lonely PostIt’s raining today, extra hard. I’m inspired to write a little, in between everything I should be finishing for our soft launch of[*STARME] next week.

I receive emails with these great posts from Medium. Even though I can’t always get to every one of them, as I become familiar with favorite authors I tend to look for their faces and names when filling my daily dose. I can’t help but wonder what happens to those lonely forgotten posts that miss their fair share of readers. Do they become forgotten posts?

I’m kind of nosy in a sense, I really enjoy learning about the person whom literature I’m reading. I often feel like I want to either side with or against them, making the read more interesting for me. The issue is, it’s often difficult to discover people outside their work masks.

There isn’t always an intimate source of liberated perspective of what the author represents. I enjoy discovering things the author and I have in common, even if it’s as simple as upping our tea consumption to near-unhealthy degrees before sitting down to war, with our words. I mean, if I’m going to include you in my tweets, comments, likes, blogs and whatever else, I need to justify why I’m making the time to share your views and literature with others.

Maybe it doesn’t matter, maybe the only important thing is they meet a quota, fill white space and crank out what needs to be seen to survive. A single vote may not be huge in their eyes or even a big deal to well established writers, but a 1000 votes or 10,000 grocery grazing readers like my self, could be!

My favorite place to uncover quirky likes from online Cronies is the  Tumblr. The place of today’s liberation, where repetitive Cliché can lead to enchanting engagements.

My point, incase you’ve stuck it out this long and are still reading, could be some hardcore reasoning for creating [*STARME]  A friendly and easy way for people to connect, engage and discover others social arrays through multi-channel surfing. A transparent window ‘if you will’ to everything you want them to see when you want them to see it!

-or- maybe just to give those lonely posts a fair shot at being discovered with enchanting allurements of their respective authors social prowess.

either way derives an engaging list of social benefits for yourself and your audiences. Thanks for reading, to utilize the power of transparent social networking through all social channels – join for free, at Str.me



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