Why call when you can say a thousand things at once!

Call me maybe - Text me babe!

I just Text, IM, Like, Tweet, RT, Favs, Plus+1, Reblog, igram.., no need for calls? With new apps like Strum Snapchat and others it seems like your phone has turned a def ear to calls.

A photo is worth a thousand words, plus chat, video and share ability. Plus resisting the urge to ‘social media‘ is tougher than resisting sleep or sex. So the real question is; is calling someone on the phone considered social media today or is that so old school?

A study done by Harvard University Research labeled “Disclosing information about the self is intrinsically rewarding”- Self-disclosure spurs the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with rewarding feelings.

So now whenever your mom or teacher says “what the Jesus H Chr.. are you doing with that phone.” Reply: “Ohh nothin much jus jamn on some feel good self disclosure.



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HTML5 vs Native; like ‘Knight’ & day.

*Strme - HTML5 - Free - Global - Mobile - Web

Even though Native and Mobile Web App’s seem similar for end-user product consumption, the business monetization side that’s needing to shrink excessive costs and subscription fees – provides  a compelling comparison and outcome.

‘…does it make sense for publishers to continue to invest in native apps for tablets and smartphones?’

“Grimshaw, managing director of the FT.com said the FT decided to pull its native apps for iPhone and iPad devices last year because it “wasn’t right” for the organization. “Being asked to pay 30% of subscription revenue to Apple, when we’d already invested to build our own bidding platform … [impeded] our ability run the business,” he said. “Secondly, as part of that arrangement, we’d end up with an intermediary with our customers.” Source – Mashable

Can’t say it any better than that!

Str.me FastApp (HTML5 Mobile Web Apps) enable businesses to create easily, deploy instantly and incorporate as part of your existing website-URL for added Organic SEO, while leveraging a huge ecosystem of global users.

What is a Native App?

A native app is an app for a certain mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) They’re installed directly onto the device. Users typically acquire these apps through an online store or marketplace such as The App Store or Android Apps on Google Play.

What is a Mobile Web App?

Get HTML5 Mobile Web Apps for Free. Str.me *starmeWhen we talk about mobile web apps in this article, we’re referring to Internet-enabled apps that have specific functionality for mobile devices. They’re accessed through the mobile device’s web browser (i.e. on the iPhone, this is Safari by default) and they don’t need to be downloaded and installed on the device.

Quick comparison of Native App vs. Mobile Web App

*Starme Mobile Web App is King

*Starme - Mobile Web Apps - The apps of Google search!

*Strme - Mobile Web Apps - The apps of Google search!

*Strme Mobile Web Apps - The Apps of Google Search

*Strme - Mobile web Apps - The apps of Google Search!

In reviewing the data comparisons – Mobile Web Apps are beneficial for faster more agile apps- (Micro Campaigns and/or Promotions, etc.) Some benefits of  FastApp‘s (Mobile Web Apps) is the ability for your brand and management teams to control the environment; Make real-time edits, create and customize easily, deploy within minutes while measuring and capturing real-time metrics from end-user / consumer activity for best ROI, increased market share and brand adoption.

A concern of offering / developing mobile web apps is the lack of a centralized app store like the Apple App Store and/or Google Play. Str.me delivers a unique modality for end-user to instantly connect to your dynamic Mobile Web App’s at time of realization by inputting your FastApp’s *name within Google or any vibrant search engine to connect quickly to your social online world.

Connect fast, cut through the HAZE of online search and connect to what you want when you want it, At time of realization.

FastApp’s from Str.me are free to create, customize and deploy. develop unique and specific Mobile Web FastApp campaigns in minutes to use within your social media marketing and business activity.


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Social media spreads like sliced bread – Hold the chedda!

Yeah I’m talk’n  Chedda (Cheddar)- moolah, dinero, benjamins, cash, money!

$Can Social media drive more sales? What we’re experiencing today is an increase in social commerce where both social media and social sales work together seamlessly to provide companies with key ‘captured’ metrics for better ROI and increase target market definition. Does this equal more ‘dough’ for your brand?

For a number of reasons consumers are becoming more comfortable with social and purchasing behaviors moving closer together, as social technologies work their way into our daily lives as addictive substance rather than living predominantly within social networks themselves. This isn’t necessarily commerce as we know it though. Its more of a utility, an app for this an app for that; the amazing potential for social commerce and the transformation of traditional purchasing is enthralling for businesses.

As consumers become more aware of social purchasing, companies need to understand the impact of what their customers are doing. What is an end users intent? Are they ready to buy or are they becoming familiar with your offering(s)? It’s not just about having a presence on Twitter or Facebook, but dynamically using the social on ramp of viral ability to change the overall purchasing process while capturing key information more efficiently.

Yea, but does social media make us money; drive sales and/or is it worth the energy and potential upside from organic SEO and free enterprise? It’s not that black and white, there’s a gray area driving social media and business connections that provides verticals and the means for businesses to connect with potential customers and re-connect with current customers.

Other benefits of social media besides just the sale are customers value cycle; such as advocacy, referral, or even awareness. These aspects set up a new social ecosystem for seamless purchasing at time of realization via social media.  While advertisers want every moment to be connected to a sale, many organizations know that it could be a “series of moments” that lead to a sale and potentially new loyal customers.

So is social media doing it’s part in awareness, promotion, consistency and worthiness for your business brand? Lets hear your thoughts and ideas about social media and social sales and if your business is making it or faking it.


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IBM’s Black Friday Report says twitter delivered 0 percent of referral traffic and Facebook sent just 0.68 percent.

What’s your return on investment? What’s bounce rate of your current promotion(s)? Do you know what type of computing devices consumers are using to access your mobile-web content (iOS, OS MOS..)? Can you differentiate between customers and products they like from your huge consumer contact lists, for retargeting purposes?

Create micro marketing campaigns quickly, customize easily, deploy instantly and measure effectively to gather fortifiable metrics about how your audience is accessing your current promotions.

IBM’s Black Friday Report for 2012 suggests that some social platforms are underperforming for ROI and/or marketing dollars.

Know your industry. Define your target market. Shrink excess spending and strengthen your business ROI.

Downstream purchasing; ie- conversion should be easy for consumers to execute and efficient for businesses to capture. With the explosion of mobile purchasing/commerce up 221% this Thanksgiving holiday, consumers are sending a clear message; it’s convenient to purchase from handhelds and their going to do a lot more of it. Give your customers a simple, easy to remember mobile-web interface that they can engage, review, execute and share easily.

*Strme makes it easy! Every FastApp is transparent within the mobile web. This means you can promote products  / services / information or whatever you like and your audience will be able to access instantly. Your FastApp’s deliver a specifically customized user interface for your relevant promotion(s). Metrics collected from your specific promotions are nicely organized and display within your dashboard to conveniently inform you of campaign performances. Are consumers buying, bouncing and/or sharing your ideas and branded materials. Join today at Str.me – it’s free, enjoy!


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Mobile at first, can confuse the shit out of you!

Just because you have a mobile enabled landing page to link consumers to, doesn’t mean they’re getting a rich and fulfilling experience. What if.., your landing page doesn’t express your core business brand and just leaves people confused as shit, leading to abandonment all together?

Click on any ad or a link from a blog or within an app and chances are if you’re using a Smartphone you’ll be redirected to a mobile enabled landing page with some generic looking tabs that if clicked take you to some generic text and so on and so forth. Sometimes you can’t even get to the company website if you wanted to and there is no additional social network information or contact info. No Bueno!

Consumers don’t always know as much about your brand as you do. So when you deliver them to your mobile UI make sure there is enough information to leave a lasting impression that delivers a decent representation of your entire business brand.

Very generic looking mobile pages are cost-effective or inexpensive usually. The problem is they may be costing you more hard work, advertising dollars and prolonged adoption rate of promoted products and services.

Strme software enables you to easily and quickly create FastApp’s for your business brand, promotions, products and services. You’re in control. Create a dynamic and user-friendly FastApp for each individual promotion or your entire offering. Customize your FastApp’s quickly, no IT skills required. Capture important user metrics to help prove your ROI and define your Target Market.

*Strme FastApp’s deliver amazing User Interface designs with fun and easy to share functionality for your next generation mobile-web audiences. Don’t leave potential customers guessing what your brand is. Give them so much more! Join Str.me today and start using the best HTML5 mobile web applications available. Keep your brand ahead of the curve.

Str.me is free for everyone. Enjoy!


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“Do Epic Shit” -with Microsoft’s new Bing Fund.

While attending Techiepalooza last week at ASU Technology Center ‘Skysong’ in Scottsdale, AZ i had the pleasure of watching Rahul Sood of Microsoft’s new Bing Fund hard at work. Catch him at @Rahulsood or Rs@bing.com

“Do Epic Shit”

If the words on his Surface kickstand don’t say it all, then I’m here to kick in a little extra. Rahul is pretty cool, down to earth, friendly and intelligent. He talked about his previous companies and challenges he faced before the viral ability of social media was even a factor. He’s laid back yet speaks with a strong presence and was very easy to vibe with.

If you have an early stage startup, I would encourage you to submit to BingFund – Not sure if Rahul gets to see every submission, however if your idea sticks chances are you’ll get to meet with him and you’ll be glad you did.

Tips; Please don’t send a huge drawn out business plan, The Bing Fund Team prefers a 1 to 3 page Exec summary with style and energy. Hot topics are obviously Mobile, Gaming and Applications that can prosper from using Microsoft’s API’s and vast resources. So what are you waiting for, put these guys to work and send them your epic ideas!

From the unspoken words of a successful entrepreneur himself – “Do Epic Shit”

[EPIC] – in modern terms, epic is often extended to other art forms, such as novelsplaysfilms,musicepic theatrevideo games, and television shows[1] where the story is centered on heroic characters, and the action takes place on a grand scale; as well as a sense of impressive struggles and other efforts of great scope and size over long periods of time.

Thanks for your time and patience Rahul.


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