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addiction – Generation text

Ninety percent of Gen Y surveyed worldwide said they check their smartphones for texts, mail and social first thing – even before getting out of bed in the afternoon. Two out of five Gen Y participants surveyed say they “would feel … Continue reading

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Social networking, “the new data entry of next gen.”

How many hours a day do you spend in front of your computer, addicted to the connection. Your daily, weekly and even hourly dedication to keeping up with the noise is becoming a full-time job. Remember your parent(s) or family member(s) … Continue reading

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Everybody’s using, net addiction and your my pusher.

It’s become crystal clear, your methods of seduction involve labeling me a user! At Disrupt SF; how do you make money, “we have users!” Technology – The new Pusher of addiction. Mobile-web a phenomenon, increasingly infections with every touch! We … Continue reading

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