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iPhone5 is pandemic

What do you think of your new High 5? I like mine so far. Still stuck to my droid for email and work though. I’m including a good link to a review that has some great comments and reviews about … Continue reading

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Enough molehills is all you need to make a mountain.

There are at least 200 solid work days in a year. Do something each day and by the end of the year you’ve built a mountain. What is starme and how can it help? Starme is a free mobile and … Continue reading

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5.3 billion ‘Gulps’ of mobile, no drought in sight.

5.3 billion people subscribe to mobile, that’s 77 percent of the world’s population. It’s safe to say, consumer mobile access to the web won’t subside any time soon. Worldwide statistical data given by analysis companies such as Gartner indicate that usage … Continue reading

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A transparent *Point to social.

Jack Dorsey Co-founder of Twitter and founder and CEO of Square envisions sharing real-time world thought from the convenience of your pocket! You have to focus on the whole, the buyer, seller and the in between, says Jack Dorsey in … Continue reading

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Does your Website ‘text’ , my fans are screaming Perfect 10

Hold Up! Huh? Does your website understand mobile? Of course it can’t text, unless you have a modem capable of running a T-Mobile SIM-Card and some UK compatible ‘out of the box’ software ‘rigged’ up to your in-house servers.. . … Continue reading

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I want customers… Google says..Ok, infusing mobile, checkins,reviews and social for brick and mortar

Big changes for businesses and consumers who use the internet to find local establishments. Google is importing Google Places into Google + Local. What does this mean for my business? More accurate and authentic reviews in real-time. If you have not yet … Continue reading

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A missed opportunity, a new friend lost or something undiscovered.

A missed opportunity, a new friend lost or something undiscovered. What do all these have in common? They happen to all of us at sometime or another. Why? In the past, most definitely due to lack of resources. Today however, … Continue reading

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