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Here a Kid, there a Kid, everywhere an iOS enabled Kid..

Ask a kid, any kid on this planet what gifts they want this holiday season, they’ll say if it doesn’t have an i in it – it’s probably not for me. – iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or iPad mini. Among … Continue reading

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Enough molehills is all you need to make a mountain.

There are at least 200 solid work days in a year. Do something each day and by the end of the year you’ve built a mountain. What is starme and how can it help? Starme is a free mobile and … Continue reading

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Get real, it’s so much easier then faking.

I don’t want to be ‘computer’ please don’t let me turn into a mere 140′ afterthought. Humanization is real. Connect with others and find your pack of shining stars. As the next generation of the world blossom and share their … Continue reading

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Every word is infectious with ‘viralability’

Do you meet new people? It seems with coffee houses on every corner, finding people to talk with is becoming easier than in the past. Everyone is now a ‘social butterfly’ of some kind. The challenge lies in how to … Continue reading

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5.3 billion ‘Gulps’ of mobile, no drought in sight.

5.3 billion people subscribe to mobile, that’s 77 percent of the world’s population. It’s safe to say, consumer mobile access to the web won’t subside any time soon. Worldwide statistical data given by analysis companies such as Gartner indicate that usage … Continue reading

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Stretch limo – ok; stretch 5, why not.

Interesting concept. Like the security and wireless charging! At some point, why even have hardware at all, illuminated display using existing resources. *Starme

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A transparent *Point to social.

Jack Dorsey Co-founder of Twitter and founder and CEO of Square envisions sharing real-time world thought from the convenience of your pocket! You have to focus on the whole, the buyer, seller and the in between, says Jack Dorsey in … Continue reading

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