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Lonely posts, an unthinkable punishment in words.

It’s raining today, extra hard. I’m inspired to write a little, in between everything I should be finishing for our soft launch of[*STARME] next week. I receive emails with these great posts from Medium. Even though I can’t always get to every one … Continue reading

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“Do Epic Shit” -with Microsoft’s new Bing Fund.

While attending Techiepalooza last week at ASU Technology Center ‘Skysong’ in Scottsdale, AZ i had the pleasure of watching Rahul Sood of Microsoft’s new Bing Fund hard at work. Catch him at @Rahulsood or Rs@bing.com If the words on his … Continue reading

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Square makes CASH take a back seat, as KING!

It’s that time of the year again, holiday parties, too much food and the lottery! Huh? Yep the lottery. You know the office pool, where everyone chips in some cash to buy a slew of lotto tickets, then if you … Continue reading

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The Social Bubble, will tech ever subside?

What goes up must come down! Or maybe not. Will the Social bubble of exploding technology ever pop? Or is the system to dependent for subsequential withdrawal. Remember the dot-com bubble? It was as ‘simply complex’ as companies  adding an “e-” prefix to … Continue reading

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I wish my eyes could take photos

Life is moving so fast. Images we choose to see are a reflection of who we are, things we like and who we become. If only, my eyes could take photos. What an amazing idea. How many times, in a … Continue reading

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What’s left for ‘right brain’ in tech

So you know the old right brain kind of thinking vs left, right? In general, schools tend to favor left-brain modes of thinking, while downplaying the right-brain ones. So will your ivy league education survive and prosper in the future … Continue reading

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